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Sorong – Airport/Hotel Assistance.

Our dear friend Mr. Sulistiyono who stays in Sorong can help you with Airport/Harbour Transfers & Hotel Bookings. As you know this is a community website, he is not charging any commision/fees from the incoming guests, yet available to help you anytime.
Should you need to stay a night in Sorong,prior to your departure to Raja Ampat, We have an agreement with most of the hotels in Sorong,
You are free to choose any hotel of your preference, and let us know , we would get back to you with best available rates and all details. You could contact the hotels directly too, as you like

The hotels are :

1. Je Meridien – Opposite Airport
2. Guardian Family Hotel – 10 minutes walk from the Airport
3. The Luxio– 15 minutes drive from the Airport
4. You & Me Hotel
5. The Mariat
6. City View Hotel
7. The Belagri
8. The Belagri Convention
9. Hotel Mamberano Marina
10. Hotel Mamberano
11. Hotel Lovansia
12. The Waigo
13. Hotel Lido 88
14. Hotel Papua
15. Intercity Hotel

Airport/Harbour Transfers

Generally most of the hotels provide this facility which is either included in the price or at an additional rate. We would inform you of the same prior to your arrival. Dont worry! You wont be left hanging.
Don’t want a hotel? Just have few hours?
You have only 4-5 hours before you leave for Raja Ampat or catch your flight ,You could walk into Misool Filling Station (7 AM-7PM) which is located just opposite the Airport , Sit back , Relax on their couch,have a cup of coffee, connect to the world (Free WIFI) or even buy some sovenigrs!

Ticket Booking for Ferry to Waisai

It can be bought straight at the harbour , the cost is
• 130,000 for Economy Ticket
• 250,000 for VIP Ticket.

Flight Ticket Booking

We can guide you about travel agents in Sorong.
Anything & Everything else.
ATM, Pharmacy, Groceries, toys, books, Sim Cards, etc – Contact us here.
See you in Arborek